NuBricity™..."For a World of Friction"

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NuBricity™ “Environmentally Preferred” and Tested!

Industry ManufacturingFriction is your enemy! NuBricity™ is 100 % Non-Chlorinated Metal and Machinery friction fighter. NuBricity™ Concentrate and Grease protects all metal parts.

Every conventional lubricant on the planet fails. Why take changes with conventional lubrication protecting your equipment? NuBricity™ has gone through some of the toughest testing criteria in the industry. All NuBricity™ testing has been conducted by Clark Testing Facilities. At Clark, they have a solid reputation supporting the testing needs of a wide range of commercial and industrial companies throughout the world. They understand the responsibility of our position as an extension of NuBricity™’s engineering and quality assurance needs.

Clark has developed long term relationships with DCS Solutions, due to our core culture of quality and reputation. Clark aligns their quality assurance and broad range of testing capabilities to enhance NuBricity™ and to verify NuBricity™’s performance.

NuBricity™ uses all-natural components in its formulation to tackle the problem of friction. In major industrial sites, NuBricity™ is reducing oil consumption by as much as 30% while lowering emissions. Wear metal reduction during conditioning monitoring is being reduced and with the use of NuBricity™ concentrate in our NuBricity™ Pro XL Grease, greasing intervals are being reduced by as much as 50%!

The all-natural components used in the formulation of NuBricity™ causes a catalyst effect in the metal surface, and the friction robbing properties virtually disappear.

Do your own testing. Insist on seeing a demonstration of NuBricity™ and witness how after the infusion process, nothing provides better barrier protection for friction. NuBricity™ holds to the surface of your metal and protects against water, sand and dirt.

This is an Environmentally Preferred Product at its finest that will save your company money, as well providing your company with a superior lubricating product.

NuBricity™ is the future of any and all lubrication needs from home to heavy industrial applications. Contact us today for more information on “treating metal, not oil”… For a World of Friction… NuBricity™!